The measure "Promoting Commercialization and Transnationality of R&D Results" (EUREKA) intends to finance the implementation of market-oriented science and business R&D projects in line with the international collaborative research and development network of the Member States of the Eureka program.

The measure promotes the development of innovative products based on the results of R&D from concept to pilot production (including the implementation of R&D activities with commercial potential, development of ideas, research and engineering research, experimental development, prototype building, testing and pilot production of new products). Also, the measure is designed to strengthen the ability of researchers to join the European Research Area by supporting future oriented international science and business projects.

Applicants may receive up to 300.000 euros up to 80 percent of total project eligible costs. All science and study institutions are potential applicants. Possible project partners (Lithuanian or international) are legal entities (mandatory condition) and science and study institutions.

Last updated: 27-12-2017