Registration for Experts

MITA is the main governmental institution, responsible for implementation of innovation policy in Lithuania. With the aim to foster business and science cooperation and to create a friendly environment for business needs and innovation MITA administers national and international R&D and innovation programmes and gives funding to R&D and innovation projects (more than 200 projects on an annual basis).

MITA manages R&D and innovation expert database which already has several hundred registered experts from Lithuania and other foreign countries.

We are always interested in new experienced professionals who would like to join us in the achievement of our mission.

What do expert assignments involve?

Experts assist in the:

  • evaluation of R&D and innovation proposals
  • evaluation of periodic reports of the R&D and innovation projects approved

Who can be an expert?

Experts may be candidates from research and higher education institutions, companies, industrial associations and other organizations, if they fulfil the following requirements:

Experts from research and higher education institutions should have:

  • competent experience in evaluation of R&D proposals;
  • experience in preparing and managing R&D projects in recent 5 years;
  • at least 5 published scientific articles in reviewed scientific publications or 3 in journals with a citation index included in the database of the Institute of Scientific Information.

Experts from business should have:

  • adequate experience in technological development and innovation in recent 5 years;
  • cooperation experience with research institutions.


For Expert registration in our database, please fill Application form and send it by e-mail: [email protected]. Application form should be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please click the following link to download the Reader for free:

We will inform you about the decision to add you to MITA’s expert database.

As soon as we have a new assignment which matches your expertise, we will inquire on your availability.

For further information about working as an expert or about our expert database you can contact:

Audrius Žvikas
Phone: +370 679 56443
E-mail: [email protected]

Last updated: 20-08-2019