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Lithuanian Space Office

Since July 2019, the Lithuanian Space Office has been set up on the initiative of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation and the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology to strengthen the Lithuanian space sector and to help prepare for Lithuania’s membership in the European Space Agency. Its main objective is to create and develop the Lithuanian space ecosystem based on innovation, cooperation between business, science and public sectors and integration into the international space community.

Lithuanian Space Office carries out variety of activities:

  • To consolidate the Lithuania‘s space sector industry, academia and public institutions  in order to improve their partnership and to represent their interests on an international level;
  • To provide information and consultations on national and international R&D programmes, to organise information days and other engaging events;
  • To organize international partner searching and trade fair missions.

Lithuanian Space Office is established in the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology and provides information using ,,one - stop shop“ principle.


Lithuanian Space Office
A.Goštauto str. 12-219, 01108 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. (+370) 604 78738,  e-mail [email protected]


Last updated: 27-02-2020