Bilateral partnership

Norwegian companies that specialize in Green Industry Innovation and ICT are calling Lithuanian companies to partner Green Industry Innovation and ICT projects under the calls of the program „Business development, Innovation and SMEs":

  • GovTech and DataViz SME Åpenhet can partner in projects to develop digital user interfaces, utilize and visualize data and foster international cooperation.
  • International project management and consultation company International Development Norway.
  • ICT clusters in Norway Digital Norway and ICT Norway.
  • Culturengine by Culture Intelligence is a Norwegian Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that helps companies to take a position within the circular economy by designing „circular culture codes“ 

Lithuanian and Norwegian relationship

Lithuania and Norway are linked together by a common vision of an open, innovative, dynamic future economy. The countries also share a strong focus on sustainable business. 

Successful cooperation between Lithuania and Norway has continued for many years.

During the 2014-2021 financial assistance period, Norway allocated 14 million Eur to Lithuania for business development and innovation. The Programme ‘Business development, innovation and SMEs” aims to incentivize investment into development, commercialization and application of innovative products and technologies. 

The investments are not limited to financial grants. Projects implemented under the programme  apply good practice of the countries, thus contributing to the creation of Lithuania’s prosperity. The first step towards implementation of a successful bilateral project is to ensure an easy cooperation between the companies.  

To create such a connection, various activities will be initiated, mainly focused on providing travel support and enabling participation in matchmaking events during which Lithuanian and Norwegian companies will be able to establish contacts, share knowledge and transfer information about technologies, accumulated experience and good practice gained during implementation of the Program. For those looking for a partner on their own, travel support will be available before the Call announcements.

Lithuanian-Norwegian business cooperation aims to exchange experience, establish useful business relations and implement mutually beneficial projects. Bilateral partnerships open up opportunities for easier access to new markets, and cooperation often leads to new ideas for product development.

Therefore, it is a solid basis for strengthening and fostering further bilateral cooperation, especially in the field of innovation and technology.

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Last updated: 17-11-2020