Clusters in Lithuania

The formation of clusters in different industry sectors is at the primary stage in Lithuania. However, there are a few clusters successfully operating: Photovoltaic Technology Cluster, Alliance of Baltic Beverage Industry (ABBI), Laser and Light Science and Technology Association, and Modern Housing Development Cluster. Other sectors that might have the high potential to form the clusters in Lithuania:

  • Wood processing and furniture manufacturing;
  • Machinery and devices, metal processing industry;
  • Food industry;
  • Textile and clothing;
  • Chemistry industry;
  • Laser and their component manufacturing industry;
  • Information and communication technologies;
  • Biotechnology industry;
  • Creative industry;
  • Wellness and wellbeing industry;
  • “Eco” dimension.

MITA is taking an active role in clusterization process. Acting as a facilitator / coach it represents the state’s interests. The main task is to identify new potential clusters, to coordinate their activities, to assist young clusters, to present their products and services internationally.

Last updated: 27-12-2017