Clusters in Lithuania

Clusters promote economic growth and employment, attract new technologies, qualified personnel, and investment in research. Co-operation between groups of enterprises, which allows reducing the cost of acquiring knowledge or technologies, creates more learning opportunities, allows the allocation of risk and costs of research and applied activities, encourages flexibility, and also helps to reduce the time of leading new products or processes to the market is becoming an increasingly important condition of succeeding in competition.

Benefits of clustering:

  • Activity strategy
  • Common supply opportunities
  • Easier and cheaper access to specialised information
  • Easier entry into other markets: common marketing and sales
  • Possibility to perform large-scale orders and participate in procurement tenders
  • Better conditions for innovations
  • Competition in domestic and international markets – cluster enterprises show better competitive ability
  • Qualified labour (professional training and qualification improvement institutions are rather interested in co-operating with a group of business enterprises and deferring to collective needs and wishes of enterprises)

Some of cluster initiatives identified in Lithuania are still at the embryonic stage or are presented only by groups of enterprises whose gathering was sparked by the desire to take advantage of the EU structural funds. Others are being formed naturally, in developing new products or services through long-term co-operation and seeking to gain a bigger market share, thus enhancing the overall competitive ability of the cluster enterprises.

MITA is taking an active role in the clusterization process. Acting as a facilitator / coach it represents the state’s interests. The main task is to identify new potential clusters, to coordinate their activities, to assist young clusters, to present their products and services internationally.
Examples of cluster success in Lithuania:

Most Promising Lithuanian Clusters

Last updated: 08-09-2021