What is “InnoPatent”?

A measure to protect intellectual property.

Objective of funding

The main objective is to encourage legal entities to apply for international patenting of inventions and to register design, thereby to strengthen the international protection of intellectual property rights and to promote research, experimental development and innovation (R&D) activities.

Funded activities

  • International patenting of inventions.
  • International registration of design.


Legal entities


Legal entities

Project selection method

Continuous selection of projects.

Maximum available funding amount for the project, EUR

The maximum amount of funding (EUR 30,000) is available when the same invention is patentable or a design is registered internationally, i.e. several projects may be implemented for patenting the same invention or registering the design internationally. However, the total amount of funding allocated for patenting the invention or registering the design internationally may not exceed EUR 30,000. Several projects for the same invention or  design can be implemented in case the invention is patentable or design is registered in several steps: each of them, in accordance with standard orders and procedures, has to perform the various actions required in all cases in order to patent the invention or to register the design internationally.

Call for proposal funding

The European Regional Development Fund will provide up to EUR 3 041 010 for the implementation of the projects. Three calls for proposals are foreseen. The first and the second calls for proposals foresee the allocation of EUR 912 303, and for the third call - up to EUR 1 216 404.


Last updated: 01-07-2019