Innovation policy in Lithuania

Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Education and Science are the main institutions responsible for the formation and implementation of innovation policy in Lithuania:

  • the Ministry of Economy is responsible for the policy of the development of innovation environment;
  • the Ministry of Education and Science is responsible for the policy of research and development.

The fundamental strategic document setting guidelines for innovation policy in Lithuania is Innovation Development Programme 2014–2020. The Programme has been drafted with a view to mobilising the state resources for the improvement of Lithuania’s innovativeness and development of competitive economy based on high level knowledge, high technologies, qualified human resources and smart specialisation. The strategic goal of the Programme – to enhance competitiveness of the Lithuanian economy through the development of the effective innovation system promoting economic innovation.

Objectives of the Lithuanian Innovation Development Programme 2014–2020:

  1. to develop innovative society by developing new knowledge and its application;
  2. to enhance business innovation potential of business;
  3. to promote the creation of value networking, development and internationalization;
  4. to increase efficiency of innovation policy-making and implementation and promote innovation in the public sector. 

Lithuanian Innovation Development Programme 2014–2020

Last updated: 27-12-2017