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Business success requires scientific achievements. Therefore, Lithuania invested into the highest qualification professionals and modern equipment, so that Lithuania would become one of the most advanced scientific centres in the Central and Eastern Europe.

Five integrated science, research and business centres (valleys) have been developed recently in Lithuania. Valleys specialize in a number of scientific research fields and involve main Lithuanian research institutions. According to the national rules, all R&D resources located in the valleys must be available for the public on the basis of open access. For this reason, universities and research institutes established open access R&D centres / laboratories, where business and public partners can access the newest R&D resources, the most advanced technologies and get highest quality services.

Open R&D Lithuania network is a newly launched platform of cooperation between open access R&D centres / laboratories of 14 Lithuanian Universities, 13 Public Research Institutes as well as 7 Science and Technology parks. All these institutions united their high-level R&D intellectual potential, infrastructure and resources in order to provide scientifically based solutions to the problems raised by business and society. Concentration of resources allows to create new technologies and products as well as provide R&D services and so to increase competitiveness of all involved partners.

Therefore if there is a need:

-  to create a new advanced research-based product,

-  to conduct an experimental research, various measurements or construct a prototype,

-  and to create new or improve the existing technology,

open access R&D centres are the place you should apply.

In order to simplify the access to the information about R&D services  and other available resources,  the e-science gateway platform was launched almost two year ago. The electronic science gate for Lithuania is a key to the world and for the world – the key to Lithuania. Using a ‘single point of contact’ principle, R&D information system provides advanced electronic services to help Lithuanian and foreign business undertakings, science and study institutions, researchers and other stakeholders to ensure closer cooperation while seeking common objectives. 

E-science gate helps Lithuanian and foreign business to find and order:

  • scientific research;
  • specific inventions;
  • technologies;
  • feasibility studies;
  • new methodologies;
  • prototypes or products.

Since 2011 MITA is responsible for the administration of Open Access Resources and Services register. 

MITA responsibilities:

  • coordination of Open Access resources and services databases;
  • evaluation of information about Open Access resources and services;
  • registration of Open Access resources and services.

Researchers and qualified technology transfer professionals working in open access R&D centres provide professional assistance in research, technology and innovation issues and are ready to help you in realizing your business ideas and becoming an innovative market leader.

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