Promoting Commercialization and Transnationality of R&D Results EUREKA

What is „Eureka“?

The measure "Promoting Commercialization and Transnationality of R&D Results" (EUREKA) intends to finance the implementation of market-oriented science and business R&D projects in line with the international collaborative research and development network of the Member States of the Eureka program.

Objective of funding

The main objective is to encourage the development of innovative products based on R&D results of all types of enterprises in science and study institutions at all stages from idea to pilot production. That includes implementation of R&D activities with potential in commerce, ideas development, scientific and engineering research, experimental development, prototyping, testing and manufacture of new products. The objective covers strengthening the capacity of scientists and other researchers to join the European Research Area through support of market-oriented, internationally applied science and business projects.

Funded activities

Promotion of R&D internationalization activities (implementation of market-oriented science and business R&D projects through a cross-border network).


Lithuanian institutions of science and study.


Possible project partners (Lithuanian and international) are:

  • Private legal entities (mandatory condition).
  • Institutions of science and study.

Project selection method

Project competition is conducted in two stages.

Maximum available funding amount for the project, EUR

Up to EUR 300,000.


2 495 415,86 EUR

Last updated: 01-07-2019