In France P2L2 project partners discussed innovation measures and policy issues


2017 11 29


On the first week of November 2017, „P2L2-Public Policy Living Lab“ project partners met in Bordeaux, in France. The  Study Visit was hosted by the Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Lithuanian Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) is participating in this project together with Research and Higher Education Monitoring and Analysis Center (MOSTA)

During these days project partners from Bremen (DE), Denmark, Podkarpackie (PL), Piemonte (IT) and Lithuania had the opportunity to meet regional clusters and governance. The  panel debate was organized about the innovation ecosystem in Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

 In addition, the project partners visited many companies: Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques (LCPO), Laboratory dedicated to polymers and printable electronic (ELORPrinTec),  Regional Center for technological Development in the fields of Advanced and Nanostructured Materials (CANOE), Stelia Aerospace Composites, Training center of the University of Bordeaux preparing students for life cycle management in aeronautics and transports (IMA Mérignac), AEC Polymers, Ariane Group (LICORNE unit), Catherineau, RT2I, Alphanov Optical and Laser Technology Center active in advanced materials sector.

During the working session, main characteristics as well as main challenges and improvement plans were presented by MITA and MOSTA representatives.  Innovation Voucher is the policy instrument selected by Lithuania for the improvement. This instrument was presented and analysed in the project.

During three days of intensive exchange, the partners identified good practices to become a benchmark inspiring policy improvements in the participating regions. After the study visit, visiting partners will process all the information received, provide input to the hosting partners case study for making real policy learning exchange.

„The Public Policy Living Lab (P2L2)“ project supports countries and regions invested in the field of advanced materials by introducing or improving local policy to support innovation in this field.