INNOVATION DRIFT 2019: how will we change Europe in the next 10 years?


2019 04 30


Innovation and technology are more than just popular keywords - they measure success of people, businesses and states, for instance, 2/3 of the growth of the European economy is driven by innovations. Ranked 37 by the Bloomberg Innovation Index, Lithuania has made the greatest progress on the European Innovation Scoreboard in just 9 years since 2010, and is annually singled out in Europe and distinguished on the global scale due to introduced innovations, qualified experts and business-friendly environment.

Lithuania practically demonstrates how innovations and technology can jump-start creating a promising future. INNOVATION DRIFT 2019, open to the public Future Innovation Forum to take place 13-14 June 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania, invites you to join the most famous researchers, world-renowned innovation practitioners and to use multiple networking opportunities to co-shape and co-build Europe's future.

The fourth Forum aims to combine controversial economic, social issues and the most effective innovations and technologies to address them. Therefore this year the Forum mainly focuses on disruptive technologies, the future of industry, and health and life science innovations that are already changing and shaping the future society, and that will determine the quality of life and everybody’s future in the next 10 years. 

Famous practitioners of innovations and hot topics

The mission of Innovation Drift is more than theoretical discussions of the future, it is to actually connect and interact with those who daily and routinely apply and develop innovations that are already changing the face of Europe. More than 50 world-renowned innovation practitioners will attend the non-commercial and free-of-charge event in June. The Innovation Forum will focus both on the latest technologies and on industrial development, space technologies, future society, health, life sciences, media, and disruptive technologies. Though the list of topics and speakers is still open, we can already hint about the first visionaries:

Health and future medicine is among the hottest topics of the strategic Lithuanian Innovation Forum. The rapidly aging Europe has an urgent need for new technologies and innovations in the health system. Gene correction, 3D printed body parts, artificially grown tissues or organ parts, - finally a perfect and disease-free body is no longer just an illusion. In June the Forum participants will have a unique opportunity to hear the phenomenal Dr. Valery Zukin, daily addressing the problem of infertility, referred to as the scourge of these days. He will introduce his insights and know-how of technological progress trends in addressing infertility. The Ukrainian embryologist and a leader of reproductive technology application has become famous for the revolutionary application of fertility technologies (mitochondrial transfer) and offers the hope of a healthy baby to infertile couples or the ones with a high risk of genetic abnormalities. Practical insights of the future medicine, namely insights into printed and artificially created body parts will be shared by Martin Bonde Jensen, who uses 3D printing to print human bone implants, and who is titled “Top 30 under 30” by Forbes.

It is no news that technological progress often referred to as disruptive innovations, has changed and is still changing everybody’s lives, especially the digital space. It is expected that artificial intelligence, as a biggest disruptive innovation, will generate 31.2 billion USD income for organizations. However, disruptive innovations face legal and regulatory challenges worldwide. Innovation Drift will hear about the applicability and development of artificial intelligence in telecommunications, the future of smart phones. An innovation developer Deepak Solanki, the founder of Velmenni from India, will share insights on the future of Internet, Wi-Fi issues and possibility transferring huge amounts of data up to 100 times faster using “Li-fi” light, and the technological challenges.

A biggest already existing challenge is the relationship between ethics and data protection, as perfectly illustrated by the Cambridge Analytics scandal. Security of personal and global data is among the most pressing issues both today and tomorrow, faced both by consumers and businesses. Legal aspects of blockchain, intellectual property and data protection will be presented by Paolo Balbon from Italy, Director of the European Privacy Association, a Founding Partner of a legal advisory firm ICT, whose portfolio includes the highly relevant General Data Protection Regulation.

Start-ups and business developers will also be in the focus. Teddy Nehmad, the founder and CEO of C Capital, a co-founder of Start-In-Haifa(SIH) Innovation Center, who is well known in the world of start-ups will discuss how start-ups need to prepare for the future challenges and how their general ecosystem will change.

More than 50 speakers will present on the non-commercial, free-of-charge event in June, so these are only some of the innovations’ developers we are looking forward to. Though the list of topics is constantly updated, we already know that the views on future challenges, the vision and practice of e-European identity will be shared by Kalev Pihl, the developer of Smart-ID, an identity authentication tool to connect to banking and other electronic service systems, and CEO of an IT and services company SK ID Solutions. The future of society will be discussed through creativity and arctic design striving to maintain ecological balance in the polar region by Paivi Tahkokallio, President Elect at the Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA) and CEO of the strategic design agency Tahkokallio Design + in Lapland, and many others. Follow the regularly updated list of speakers and topics at

What else does Innovation Drift 2019 offer?

The International Innovation Forum that guarantees direct contact with innovation and technology leaders is far from the only attraction for participants. If you appreciate networking, you will have plenty opportunities during Innovation Workshops, B2B Matchmaking Event, Networking evening and by attending Lithuanian Innovators Exhibition. Moreover, the event participants are invited to hurry up and get where the future of Lithuania and Europe is currently shaped: Innovation Drift 2019 gives a chance to visit high-tech companies, establish close partnerships and cooperation, and see innovations promoting Lithuania internationally.

Innovators, developers, experts, entrepreneurs, innovation policy makers and policy implementers, and all who are interested in innovations and their practical application are welcome to the Forum. More than 50 speakers from around the world and about 1600 participants will attend the Vilnius Innovation Forum this year.

Personalities such as Tim Berner Lee from the UK, the inventor of the World Wide Web, YJ Fischer from the US, the Headof International Business Development atHyperloop One, Kevin Eyres, the founder of Linkedin for Europe, a world-renowned futurist Ray Hammond from the UK, the Deputy Director of NASA Ames Partnerships Directorate Rose Grymes from the US, a co-founder of Blue Ocean Robotics Claus Risager from Denmark, a representative of Silicon Vicings Eilif Trondsen from the US, and many others have already shared their insights and discoveries at Innovation Drift, the most influential event of the year by PR Impact Awards 2018. 

The event is organized by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania and the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA). The Forum is funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund. The Innovation Forum is free-of-charge, but the number of participants is limited, so if you want to participate please register at