Lithuanian and Latvian technology scouts shared good practice


2018 08 30

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On August 23-24th the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) welcomed delegation from the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) in Vilnius, Lithuania. The purpose of this visit was to share the experience of both countries in the field of technology search services and technology scouting activity.

The representatives of MITA have introduced the Lithuanian innovation ecosystem and provided services through the “InoSpurtas” initiative.

The participants of  “Inospurtas” initiative shared good practice, presented their found and transmitted technologies, discussed about how to identify criteria of successful scout activity. "We are glad that recently the first technology scouts began to work in Lithuania and provide technology search services in business“, said Gintas Kimtys, the deputy director of MITA.

According to Gintas Kimtys, the main task for technology scouts is not only to find a new technology or technological solution that meets the predetermined criteria, but also to find real possibilities for its realization (sale, transfer, investment, etc.).

The Latvian delegation had the opportunity not only to participate in interesting experts’ discussions, but also to visit Lithuanian research institutions, science and technology parcs.

Šarūnas Skuodis, who is the director of the Civil Engineering Research Center at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, also a technology scout, presented the center’s research activities, feasibility studies and innovative business solutions to the delegation from Latvia. He demonstrated an exclusive laboratory equipment for reinforced concrete and masonry structures.

A technology scout and innovation consultant Laurynas Braškus, working at Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park, introduced the provided services for innovative companies and R&D partners seeking to commercialize their knowledge, set up and develop businesses or perform innovative activities.

Kęstutis Naudžius, a consultant at the Science and Technology Park of the Institute of Physics, presented the Center's activities, success stories, innovation support services from idea formation to implementation, as well as the proposed scientific research in the field of industrial and applied research.

About the “InoSpurtas” project services

In cooperation with the Lithuanian Innovation Center and Lithuanian science and technology parcs, MITA initiative "InoSpurtas" provides the new technology search services in Lithuania. These services include systematic and coordinated knowledge and technology searches and analysis of technology potential in order to find realistic opportunities for the realization of new scientific knowledge and technology in business.

The technology scouts carry out the following 4 key activities: technology identification, assessment of the potential of commercialization of technology, preparation of a description of a technology offer / request, and the enabling of commercialization of technology.

It is expected that after the end of “InoSpurtas” initiative, the number of technology transfer agreements will increase significantly and new prototypes of products, new services or processes will be developed.