Most famous creators of the future from all over the world are meeting in Vilnius Innovation Forum


2019 05 30


The forth future innovation forum INNOVATION DRIFT, that will take place on 13th-14thof June, in Vilnius, invites to interact with the most famous innovation makers and administrators, experts and investors from all over the world, to discuss and talk over the opportunities of co-operation in collective creation of Europe’s and world’s future.“There are million ways to predict the future, but only one to shape it,” announces the biggest strategic forum of the state INNOVATION DRIFT and invites to be together with the brightest creators of the future.

The biggest forum of future technology trends in Baltic States offers to listen to presentations on topics such as disruptive innovations, future challenges, future start-ups, space technologies, future health and society, as well as to participate in innovators exhibition, where 30 most relevant innovations of Lithuania will be presented, and to make it to B2B to exchange ideas. Vilnius Innovation Forum is seeking to unite the most brilliant minds and to create future together with the most influential innovation experts. 

What will you see at INNOVATION DRIFT 2019? 

More than 50 world famous innovation practitioners, who create innovations that will determine in what kind of world we will live in 10 years, will participate in prestigious international Vilnius Innovation Forum, which focuses on especially relevant co-operation of science, business and public sectors. We are introducing some of those practitioners.

IBM, one of the largest computer manufacturers and software suppliers, has caused a sensation upon presenting 50-qubit quantum computer. At this time it is the biggest device of such type. IBM has reached an undeniable milestone on the way towards quantum future, where quantum computing will change data processing and will help to solve many complicated issues. One of the official IBM Q ambassadors, Piotr Biskupski, will participate in INNOVATION DRIFT. He is responsible for promoting knowledge and partnering with customers in the area of implementation and commercial application of quantum computer technologies, thus the participants of the forum will be able to hear breaking news of the quantum sphere straight from the horse's mouth. 

We see everyday how media, that had such irreplaceable influence on society before, is now changing and often becomes a tool of propaganda. Euronews CEO Michael Peterswill discuss the challenges of future media. Euronews is already a pioneer in media innovations and the first in the world to suggest the novelty of glocal - adapting the stream of world news to the varied local audience. Two years ago NBC News and Euronews announced the beginning of their co-operation and since then Euronews and NBC share data collection tools, digital content and programming experience.

Rapidly developing technologies not only give advantages but also bring challenges if we are talking about protection of personal data or other legal aspects.For example, blockchain and smart contracts are not clearly defined legally, thus it is not clear if smart contract is legally obligating in case there are no possibilities to identify the party that made the contract and to assess its legal capacity.It is also questioned, what solutions will be there, when the contract is recognized as invalid since the moment of making it, because smart contract is irrevocable and the actions related to it are irrevocably recorded by blockchain technology. Paolo Balboni, a lawyer from Italy, will discuss these aspects.He is contributing to the research of the recent technologies carried out by European Commission and he has participated in the assessment of EU Commission’s suggestion for General Data Protection Regulation.The presentation of P. Balboni will review legal aspects of blockchain technology such as smart contracts, intellectual property and data protection.

As lifespan is extending and society is getting older, the topic of future health is significant to everyone and it provides ample opportunities for innovation makers. The participants of Vilnius Innovation Forum will hear presentation of Martin Bonde Jensen, co-founder of Particle3D, who already at the age of 28 was selected to prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list of people who have the most significant influence on science and healthcare. M. B. Jensen will discuss how to make life easier for people who have experienced face transformations by printing individually shaped implants with 3D printer. 

Dr. Valery Zukin, one of the most famous representatives of reproductive medicine, who earned worldwide fame for creating babies using the DNA of three people, will also give presentation in Vilnius Innovation Forum. No-one before had succeeded in helping a woman who is infertile to deliver her own biological child. Dr. V. Zukin, who is directing a reproductive medicine clinic in Ukraine, uses an innovative technique for infertility treatment such as mitochondrial transfer. 

The society encounters the challenges not only of health, but also of the constantly growing big cities - will levitating tunnels liberate from traffic jams?The transport means that await people after the car era is over, will be discussed in the forum by Wolfgang Ungerer.The company that he manages introduces mobility innovations, helps to find and institute creative business solutions integrating interactive technological solutions. W. Ungerer’s career in automotive industry spans over 18 years - he has worked with automobile manufacturing companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover, Audi and Porsche.

INNOVATION DRIFT speaker Heba Bevan, who is a founder of UtterBerry and has invented the system of intelligent wireless sensors based on artificial intelligence for the surveillance of the infrastructure of smart cities, contributes further to the solution of city challenges. The patent technology has already been used successfully in development of infrastructure projects, including a section of London railway. 

The fourth INNOVATION DRIFT forum will take place in Vilnius, in Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO, on 13th-14thof June, 2019. Non-commercial forum is intended for all innovators, makers, experts, innovation policy strategists and administrators, both for the ones seeking to present innovations ant for those seeking to apply them in practice.

The event is organized by the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) together with Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania, and it is financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The innovation forum is free of charge, but the number of participants is limited, therefore, those who wish to participate are invited to register on site.