Registration has already started to Vilnius Innovation Forum “Innovation Drift 2017”


2017 09 19


Registration has been launched to the one of the major events in the Baltic Sea region about the future innovations. The Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology together with the Ministry of Economy invites entrepreneurs, scientists, developers to join the Vilnius Innovation Forum "Innovation Drift 2017". The Forum provides opportunity to learn from foreign experts and make useful contacts.

"This year Innovation Drift presents more than 50 speakers who follow the latest market trends and contributes to technological progress and changes. MITA aims to bring the business, science and society together so that the partnerships that have been set up will solve the most common challenges. That's why this year the programme is balanced to touch on all the major challenges: from innovative education methods to space technologies, from the Internet of things to cybersecurity”, - says Kęstutis Šetkus, director of MITA. 

Vilnius Innovation Forum will include not only lectures from international and local experts, but also an exhibition in which more than 30 Lithuanian companies will introduce their advanced technologies. Participants of the forum will be able to test with their own hands what is being created in Lithuania.

This year's Innovation Drift is attended by special guest who can authoritatively evaluate what technologies to expect in the future and how they will change our daily routine. This is primarily YJ Fischer, one of Hyperloop One's executives. US State Award for Work A specialist in the US and Iran's nuclear arsenal agreements is currently one of the best Hyperloop technologies, which in the future threatens to replace travel by airplanes, experts around the world.

The organizers are also pleased to present Ray Hammond, one of the world's largest futurists, who has published 17 books and is constantly around the world explaining his research. R. Hammond is respected not only as a futurologist but also as a businesswoman who currently manages British publications The Daily Express and The Daily Star.