Two Lithuanian events at Oslo Innovation Week 2018


2019 02 06


Lithuanian Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Bank of Lithuania, Lithuanian Professionals in Oslo, Vilnius Blockchain Center and ICT Association Infobalt organized two events “A shortcut to well-being via AR-VR+Gaming” and “CryptoSociety: are we ready?” on 26 September in Oslo (Norway) during Oslo Innovation Week 2018.

The first event, named “A shortcut to well-being via AR-VR+Gaming”, explored how AR/VR helps to bridge gaps in healthcare, education, well-being and other areas focused on sustainability.

The field of AR-VR and Gaming is constantly expanding worldwide. The global market size is expected to reach 209.2 billion US dollars in 2022. The economic impact of AR-VR technologies and automotive industry's spending on AR-VR is also growing at a fast pace. Huge numbers show the potential and importance of this area.

Technological solutions of AR-VR and Gaming are successfully deployed in various sectors: from education, medicine, sports to military. New products and services are being developed. AR/VR technologies and Gaming have progressed a lot from day one. Today we see how these solutions and activities are growing out of their former borders and entering other sectors, for example, education and healthcare. We are witnessing a change in the Gaming industry, where it has become an e-sport, an art, and an activity, offering innovative ways to acquire new skills.

The participants of Oslo Innovation Week 2018, had an opportunity to meet representatives of innovative Lithuanian and Norwegian companies and academic community (TeleSoftas, SneakyBox, Unity Technologies, VR AR director at Rainfall AS, Seed Forum Global, Kristiania University College and University of Bergen) and to learn what AR/VR and Gaming is offering society today and how it improves our wellbeing.

During the second event “CryptoSociety: are we ready?” the speakers explored and revealed how blockchain technology can solve a number of SDG challenges, how raising via ICO can be compliant and whether it can be transparent, sustainable and trustworthy.

Blockchain technology, together with other advanced technological innovations, such as the Internet of things and artificial intelligence, will fundamentally transform existing business models in the nearest future and will bring about considerable and far-reaching changes.

Products built on blockchain technology are improving our health and wellbeing, increasing the use of renewable energy or even stimulating sustainable use of our finances. Blockchain technology offers tremendous opportunities, thus its impact on our everyday life and business sector is significant. The speaker of the Bank of Lithuania and the representatives of companies (Lympo, WePower, Debitum Network, GCAC, KryptoVaul) discussed today's ecosystem, further challenges, and prospects for innovative solutions to address global societal challenges.

Oslo Innovation Week took place for the fourteenth time, gathering 10k of the world’s most innovative minds. Oslo Innovation Week is a dugnad - a collaboration - between leading international and local startups, corporates, and other key industry players truly dedicated to creating viable business solutions to the UN ́s Sustainable Development Goals through entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation.