Industry 4: Transforming Innovation Ecosystem Through Better Capacity of Public Enablers (InnoCAPE)


Project duration: 2019 January 1st – 2021 June 30th (30 months)

Project budget: 2,8 mil. Euro


The Road of Digitalisation

The idea of the InnoCAPE project is to increase the capacity of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) in the Baltic Sea Region, which would become the new vehicles to implement digitalisation strategies and policies designed by respective public authorities. Therefore InnoCAPE involves 3 public authorities from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia directly and has support from 5 public authorities in Norway, Sweden, and Finland as associated partners. They all will act together with 8 DIHs from the abovementioned countries, resulting in better knowledge on DIHs, increased capacity to develop measures for DIH sustainability, and better capacity to design and implement national digitalisation policies via DIHs as public enablers.


The outcomes of the project will bring new partnerships among Baltic and Scandinavian organisations, increasing the cooperation and potential for innovation. InnoCAPE project will result in stronger networks, better representation of the region, higher capacity to make use of H2020 funds with Baltic countries on board. A common digital maturity assessment tool will allow benchmarking and identifying areas of intervention for successful digitalisation. Exchanging good practices, mapping digitalisation competencies and piloting projects with SMEs will help to diminish the digital environment gap between Baltics and Scandinavia and contribute to the implementation of the EUBSR strategy and its action plan.

The project brings together strongest R&D and digitization organizations in their countries.

National public authorities

  • Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology, Lithuania
  • Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia, Latvia
  • Tartu City Government, Estonia

Associated partners

  • Lithuanian Innovation Centre, Lithuania
  • South Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce in Seinajoki, Finland
  • Regional Counsil of South Ostrobothnia, Finland
  • Into Seinajoki, Finland
  • Vasterbottem County Counsil, Sweden
  • Research Counsil of Norway, Norway
  • *Innovation Norway, Norway (informal)
  • Digital Innovation Hubs
  • Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park (Sunrise Valley DIH), Lithuania
  • Latvian Information Technologies Cluster (DIH “IT Cluster”), Latvia
  • University of Tartu (DIH Tartu), Estonia
  • Seinajoki University of Applice Sciences (DIH “IoT-Compass”), Finland
  • University of Oulu (DIH “Super IoT”), Finland
  • Umea University (DIH “ProcessIT Innovations”), Sweden
  • RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB, Sweden



Last updated: 29-04-2022