Promotion of Technology and Innovation

The main objective of the project is to effectively inform entrepreneurs and business-oriented society members about the advantages of innovation and scientific research in order to promote advancements in technology and innovation field, thus contributing to the image of Lithuania as technology and innovation forward country.  

Project partner: Enterprise Lithuania


  1. To encourage businesses (operating 3 or more years) to carry out scientific research, innovate and apply advanced technologies;
  2. To motivate businesses (operating up to 3 years) to carry out scientific research, innovate and apply advanced technologies;
  3. To expand knowledge of society members who intend to create their own businesses in the area of innovation, promote entrepreneurship, boost creativity and increase interest in innovation.

In Lithuania attitude prevails that innovation is expensive, risky and hardly achievable business activity. There is a lack of understanding that innovations can also be non-technological (marketing, organizational) and easily applied in various business entities. In addition, Lithuania is not perceived as country focused on technology and innovation.

This project and its activities will help to form a better understanding and increase interest in innovation, will encourage to carry out scientific research and will motivate to innovate. Inspiring success stories of innovative businesses will be shared, advantages of innovation activities will be explained. Among other activities it is planned to organize international conferences (Life Sciences Baltics 2016, Innovation Drift 2017), various events for businesses, to arrange exhibitions, prepare publications, create TV projects, etc.

Expected results:

Total of 31 events organized to promote advanced technology and innovation.

Last updated: 26-06-2018